Republican member of the Franklin Michael Kors Handbags

In addition, around 30,000 ballots were thrown out due to minor flaws-such as being cast at the wrong table in the right polling location. When Democrats took power in 2006, they expanded early voting to prevent a repeat occurrence of these debacles.Ken Blackwell to, among other things, reject piles of voter registrations, because they were printed on insufficiently thick paper stock. That November, a shortage of voting machines predictably caused huge lines. Cincinnati, 42 percent of in-person early voters were black, although African Americans make up less than a quarter of the Michael Kors Handbags adult population.

In Cuyahoga Michael Kors Handbags, which includes Cleveland, African Americans comprise 28 percent of the population but made up more than half of early voters. (Blackwell’s successor, Jennifer Brunner, also came under scrutiny for trying to reject some absentee ballots from Republicans on tenuous grounds.)Election Day-some 100,000 people voted throughout the state, which product Michael Kors Outlet won by four percentage points.The GOP passed legislation cutting back the 35-day early voting period and eliminating a requirement that poll workers ensure voters were at the correct precinct.

Two Democrats on the Montgomery Michael Kors Handbags board were so outraged that they moved to preserve the weekend hours, in defiance of Husted’s ruling. When they refused to back down, Husted removed them from their posts. In mid-September, I attended a meeting of the board in its cramped basement office. The new Democratic members that Husted had appointed to replace the renegades were tentative, asking basic questions about election operations. When Republicans reclaimed the state government in 2010, the pendulum swung back, hard.

In August, Doug Preisse, a Republican member of the Franklin Michael Kors Handbags board of elections, was more candid about the underlying motivations in an interview with The Columbus Dispatch: I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban-read African-American-voter-turnout machine.Afterward, one of the Republicans, Greg Gantt, assured me that eliminating weekend hours would have little impact: There’s no way any decision or policy we’ve made will disenfranchise anybody.

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