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Between pedestrians invariably underground passage and disappear repeatedly whisper whisper “anti-defense” in the street. Standing on the street, I have the same doubts and street shop owner,Michael Kors Outlet Online, this Zhongjiacun,http://www.michaelkorsoutletonline.net.co/, or a few years ago, the bustling streets abortion,Michael Kors Outlet, joy, unlimited business opportunities ground it?

I’m used to this does not change, is still in full is curious about the flow of people stocking up market to browse a gorgeous New Year and are ready to purchase stocking every pedestrian. Commercial Street in Zhongjiacun the crowd very regular, coming from the market a re-unified left from the other end of the harvest and harvest are invariably smiling, with the spread of the thousands of Bell’s unique perception and every foreign exchange, for example, even if I a.

Lane near the northern part of the city’s Department Store City underground passage, built in a turbulent flow crossroads, Hanyang Avenue to the north of the city, Lane,Michael Kors USA, probably would have passed that Crossroads. I walked all the way from the Lotus Lake came to Hanyang Avenue really see that iconic underground passage,Michael Kors Factory Outlet, in ground shops on both sides of the street Depression against the background of extremely eye-catching.

I again visited Hanyang happened to encounter this the urban haze deepest period, bell Village Street traffic conditions or congestion, such as a few years ago is so confusing, and because the season is at the end of the year, the chaotic street on several slightly festive pop ads from time to time emerge.

Gray sky, a handful of street trees, camphor dead, the Indus withered, the only high-profile businesses with high power which pair stood promotional music, This is so not because the cold Zhongjiacun Hanyang my ancient and modern feel season and haze changed much,Michael Kors Outlet Store Online, the process of modernization of the city’s heartening.

Anti-department store in the city is said to be building in Zhongjiacun two-story underground negative, when I came, happened to coincide with the opening of city department,Michael Kors Outlet Online, pull on the street is full of bright red ball of hydrogen, but not the same new stores Phi Hung, I probably is guess, all the shops in which all roads streets underground.

Is it? Is not it? I have heard two different voices round and round in my ears, appeared in front of a column wide mosaic, think tall disappear in the long history, but on the city is no longer, and this lively and ancient Hanyang land,Michael Kors Satchels, and finally began,Michael Kors Store Online, slowly,Michael Kors Outlet Online, quietly become fashion, full of infinite charm. I think that show people with modern and classical appearance Zhongjiacun habits such as if he is still young and makeup.

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