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Some people say: Millennium sleeping Buddha well-being, there is nothing to be nervous about. Ponder the home of small earthquakes constantly subjected again and again tempered, quiet good standing. It was also said young people walking around: hometown more than four distinct seasons,Michael Kors Outlet USA. Winter snow flying but does not occur snowstorm. Although the water shortage is barren, but the earth is not completely dried up, a the Heihe Millennium torrents or clear or roll with sediment raging,Michael Kors Outlet. The chill of early spring, and blowing green green grass, scheduled blowing flowers bloom, although the wind Gesanchaiwu is raised dust fog gradually warm temperatures urging all things full of vitality. Summer King rhyme than Jiangnan inferior, large tracts of wetland applications,http://www.michaelkorsoutletonline.net.co/, reed Hawthorn embracing elegant reed flowers, lotus flirtatious wild ducks play Divertimento meantime,Michael Kors Hamilton.

The flavor of the year at home over the waves, happy and rich. Rendering, where the smoke stretches continuously. My hometown at the foot of the Qilian Mountains. The Qilian year round snow covered already “Xuefeng map Der Spiegel, the mountain stream voiceless” the hymn. The home is a bright pearl of the ancient Silk Road in ancient times, “Zhangye” reputation. The construction of the Xia Dynasty and the largest Buddhist temple, unique in the world, lying one big sleeping Buddha. The sleeping Buddha Buddha’s Light shine,Michael Kors Outlet, this piece of barren land with the development of the times and thriving, increasingly affluent and well-being. That year the county folk music occurred more than six earthquake, felt strongly this far from the small town, people convulsive be in a desperate situation,Michael Kors Store Online, a lot of people’s homes reinforced shock mounts.

The village community fire teams drums, from early forty-five start playing the Lions, dancing, singing the ditty, go from village to channeling household bustling. Today, from time to time will feel dull, always hope and hope no. Regardless of want or do not want, all in front of a good happy too. This traditional festival, more joy, happiness and fun. In fact, think of the “White-Haired Girl” on Xi’er and father of the New Year, a couple of pounds face Red Hair Band, had to meet the simple hope,Michael Kors USA, is that the famine years of the greatest happiness. After many years,Michael Kors Grayson, we are immersed in happiness, happiness gradually lost the keen perception. Often feel unhappy because happy with every day, people often do not feel happiness every day in happiness. The pursuit of a higher level of happiness and pleasure is the inevitable social development, different eras have different concept of happiness. The pursuit of happiness of the material to meet up to the pursuit of happiness spiritual joy, this is a very natural thing. Substances meet happiness to bring people the feeling of happiness is short-lived, and spiritual pleasure requires certain conditions, is relatively long,Michael Kors Outlet Online, happy sublimation. Sometimes wonder the happiness whether there will feel tired as Shenmeipilao …

Autumn in a fruitful in enchanting lofty blue sky countless birds gliding. Why eyes looks into the distance, perched on the city of others. Material rich in flavor undergone a radical change. Rustic flavor of the year, gradually fading. Kind of pasta with firewood smoke, have rarely placed in the home on the table. The child is no longer bounce and sing in the words: Chinese New Year, and sweep the room, oil fruit fried good to put the old tank … the pace of modern life, breeding too many semi-finished or finished processed food, the people no longer personally frying oil fruit, boiled pork, braised pork, and simple to buy the finished product on the line, but even so, people still feel tired. Festive gradually faded,http://www.michaelkorsoutletonline.net.co/. Always think of the child at the New Year, just purely and simply cleaning paste couplets paste goalkeeper, put two small fireworks guns or firecrackers, helping grandmother frying oil fruit dumplings, very much love to play, but is happy incomparable. 2084 annual Spring Festival people good to look forward to, really become festive cultural feast.

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