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Played one years from the song,Michael Kors Outlet, a cup of tea rhyme fragrance products. How the chessboard of life Lazi? Worth everyone consider thin. Music, painting, poetry and wine,Michael Kors Store Online, tea,Michael Kors Outlet USA, let me in the quiet good taste of life in the time, looking for their own share of tranquil.

Yes, the world is the matter, much ado about. Everyone has everyone’s happy, everyone has troubles of everyone, the plight of each other,Michael Kors Factory Outlet, how others can easily fathom. Happiness is a relative concept, because of the comparison, so that it can have the gap. When poor, I envy of others XiangCheBaoMa, envy of Jiacaiwanguan, but does not know that, they are to worry for their affluence. Seen “European Nige Lang Taiwan”, will know, the rich will be rich sad. Life and is so great wealth was a constant state of anxiety, you’re down and they Anpinyuedao. Who is right, who is to suffering who Lok who is there to know?

“Screen memories recorded language,Michael Kors Grayson, love is always in your hands long line …” listen first “notes”, the heart will be also soothing music gradually unfold. Follow the melody with gently humming as Enron, regardless of the time of a hurry to leave,Michael Kors USA. Sometimes think old this song is also something that is not a happy thing, busy rush is like that,http://www.michaelkorsoutletonline.net.co/? Snatch half a day.

Life is a journey, and do not have to care about the destination, care about the scenery along the way, and look at the scenery mood. How good a word, the true as my motto in life, palm-intensive, thinking too much, because the heart is too much physical exertion. Everything has a set number, the Buddha has always been justified, some things, if not see through, only asking for trouble, if we see through, but also a bright smile. Therefore, the Buddha always Nianhua laugh, Maitreya is the most typical,Michael Kors Factory Outlet, Tatu Rongrong things of the world can hardly contain all ridiculous, smiling and laughing.

But the people, after all, toil, like Enron and how many people can endure,Michael Kors Outlet Online? Each other better to miss some memory to run away, but also in a moment of arrival of people off guard. Those fleeting affairs, and those who are familiar with the scene,Michael Kors Outlet, in the blink of an eye eruption. Familiar corner, antique glass, resplendent neon noisy hustle and bustle with the memory of yesterday’s blowing. I once thought, Why do people have such a long-term memory, like certain animals do not know to worry nice. But, after all, want to, we will eventually not be able to flee.

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