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Highway closed. Had to travel slowly in the national highway. One hundred ten meters of visibility, the haze scenes are dark and muddy. The road every car lost its color, covered with condensation of dust particles. Whistle sound, one after another car filled with anxious, uneasy sound pass a security alert. Less than 100 kilometers away, and I’ve spent five hours. All seem to be wrapped in the beginning of the chaos of the huge boundless lifeless world. Can not see the mountains, to see less than the distant trees, rivers. New Year, came back home,Michael Kors USA, is the buzzword of the moment,Michael Kors Factory Outlet. Can not see far, far away home Chuo shadow. A chaotic and haze in front of me, not only is the current weather of a physical, metaphysical haze of hearts. At this point, where I traveled to Huailai territory of the Yanshan Mountains National Highway. Regulus stage. I thought of the Huailai the Regulus station. 1200 years ago,Michael Kors Outlet Store Online, the Romantic poet Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty exaggerated here to write Yanshan snowflakes as big as seats, piece of overblow Regulus magnificence of great verse,Michael Kors Hamilton. The moment there is no snow haze sky, can not see the Yanshan Mountains. I am afraid that the No. the wine Rinpu Li Bai the face of the mirror, will suppress breathless, perhaps self-styled Yi “too black”.

Imagine, also rely on imagination, can afford to relax, mentally at least not so nervous, boring and monotonous. Yanshan big as my snowflakes, because space-time is too long and poet exaggerated ultimately unattainable fantasy seasons and the environmental impact of the heavy snow came all surprises, Fucking. From the illusion of reason to come out. Memories, memories of winter and snow is at your fingertips, immersive real and cordial. Thinking of walking is so smooth, natural,http://www.michaelkorsoutletonline.net.co/, no little twist blockage and slow, and the immediate road conditions very different. Winter, came back home, the New Year, why do not I make an appointment to a snow or a snow marching home memories. Hometown of winter snow, snow take the road, my heart becomes light and spacious open and clear goals,Michael Kors Satchels.

Do not have too far,Michael Kors Outlet, thirty years, twenty years. Xuela earth, winter genuineness come. Snow, snow season, is also visible landscape. Home in winter, snow makes the cold is not terrible, the more snow of the year, people face becomes moist red days gusto. From the spring planting, summer work, autumn harvest, winter collection, enjoy. Earth an expanse of bright chest embrace hardships and joy. Snow breathing cold chilly air and snow on the floor clearly sweat crystallization and sublimation. The snow is so favorable and far-thick, covering the earth,Michael Kors Outlet Online, mountains, rivers, inclusive village festooned with trees.

Yes, this winter, because of the haze, cold sun becomes so precious. And winter cold out flowers, snow, the flying snow tantamount to luxurious winter costumes. I can not help but eagerly looking forward to a snow, a snow flying. The bright of the snow and cold just like summer lightning,Michael Kors Outlet Online, you can cut off the dark and gloomy, can be covered and engulfed haze, also opened in monotonous gray in crystal flowers, snow,Michael Kors Factory Outlet, this northern winter, especially Yanshan inherent scenery.

Continuous fog and haze for more than a month, so opaque fog, originally under natural conditions by the suspended water droplets gathered together into a wrapped with visual impairments and health hazards of dust and particles. Such as “a little fog fog coming Yunhuan”, “smoke and mirrors” OK fantasies become real grim and fear.

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