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The spectrum of the so-called Love Day, it is a metaphor of love seven different colors, which is diverse and complex love. A person what the concept of love, there is what’s love life. Chinese people’s concept of love is loyalty, inviolable. Romantic Western notions of love, is also more realistic,Michael Kors Hamilton, do not come together to worship, like the French divorce rate is 3:1, ranking the world’s top. China’s divorce rate annually about 200 million, can not be ignored social phenomenon.Love Day spectroscopy, the Red everywhere. Infidelity is the mainstream, betrayal turbidites.Pure love, radiant.

People will recognize, love occupies an extremely important position in the life a trip. Once the love out of the question, ranging from not and, while divorced. Love does not require high-sounding, do not need Shanmenghaishi. Love is all around us, subtly affect the person’s life, and even the offspring.The love speaking fate, and more about responsibility. Love is the lubricant of family harmony, health and longevity sticky and agents. Marriage requires operating maintenance, love often energize. Shakespeare said: “Love is happiness, however painful.” Very philosophical, because in real life will continue to create happiness, will continue to manufacture the haze,Michael Kors Outlet. People treat love does not have to idealized and vowed to stroll by without any commitment to love each other, love yourself, love of family, including love social love others.Sunshine is colorful, colorful life. In different circumstances and conditions under the action of sunlight colorful is not static. The role of the different views on marriage, love is not static colorful. Changed and unchanged, unchanging love eventually happy, happiness everyone. Become love must be very painful, if re-found love and cherish it, after all, will be happy.

Death love, dubious.Marriage on the road, there is such a phenomenon, the surface the couple happy, very happy life, but actually leaving only on behalf of the couple. Scene one: the husband package “mistress”, the knot hair also know that in order to live it, dependent on their husbands to make compromises. Lens: home red flag not outside the red flags were fluttering. “Carrying a lover whoring, or affair. Lens 3: When the family inn, the inn when the family. Often an excuse not to go home, go home and not couple things. Common people outside to make a living faithless teeth with the main Siyaomianzi living death. Lens 4: feelings have broken down but forced by family and social pressure, or the fame and pressure, to make do with too. The lens: party disappeared party clinging to only a marriage certificate where arrayed frill. Lens VI: …

Love both profound and simple topic often talked about the multitude, like changes in the weather, as people can not figure out, like a spectrum – red orange yellow green green blue-violet, can be accurately positioned,Michael Kors Factory Outlet. People mention love little attention to friends and relatives broad love between focus more narrowly love between husband and wife, although no blood relationship between husband and wife, but it is the journey of life, accompanied by long time strong relationships. This marital relationship so that human and orderly, secure, long-term development continues, not only offspring, but also conducive to social harmony,Michael Kors Outlet Store Online.The love between people, especially between husband and wife, a strong emotional, which is the human distinction between animal watershed. This emotion both trust and selfless, close; abandoned, selfish, alienated. The former is the mainstream, which is a tributary. Include emotional and erotic love between husband and wife, including family and social responsibility.

Romantic love, flowers in full bloom.Love old pretty good time to catch up, but the young people, in particular, love is love and first marriage, like a pile of dry wood rises higher. Inseparable, all sorts of caress, such as every day not seeing Sanqiu. Especially Valentine’s Day activities, the interpretation of the love colorful, romantic and made all sorts of happiness lead to sweet good honey. Love added romantic wings, emotional, fly up yo,Michael Kors Outlet USA. Colorful life, the day also had a comfortable, like blooming flowers, giving a good mood.Bitter love, difficult to spit fragrance.Love is good, life is not necessarily so beautiful. Moment, intense social competition, no knowledge, no skill, no skill, it is difficult to gain a foothold in the community. The polarization caused social disparity between the rich and the poor people struggling below the poverty line, not so much time to consider what love and support families became the biggest burden. Especially displaced workers who look forward to the monthly child round, bitter love torture them, home is not often back, love can not be given, no one to talk bitter. A celebration of the Spring Festival, is perhaps their bitter love comfort,Michael Kors Grayson, but can last long,http://www.michaelkorsoutletonline.net.co/. Who left behind a country girl who, wordlessly tells the love attachment, also eagerly looking forward to the bitter love.

Spectrum about the day of love, the color of many, such as: the hypocrisy of love, in order to achieve a particular purpose combination; the depressed love, married married do not love people; love, love at first sight,Michael Kors Outlet Online, the junction of the lightning fast, from also fast, take love as a trifling matter; networks love, on paper, to put it nicely, a solid foundation. Forced to love, marriage, purchased with money itself is a desecration of love. There are numerous wonders.About love, something different from the values, but the pursuit of love, loyalty is the same. Focus on the spirit of enjoyment and love of the West tried to be perfect, romantic, pleasure, good show it. Oriental love lovers get married, grace the first love in the post. Show the intrinsic beauty of the deep, do not like the flamboyant. Pay attention to each other, to grow old.

Crazy Love, more harm than good.In the world of love, a kind of love is crazy. The crazy many reasons, but the same purpose, the pursuit of love or to love people. Some people to pursue to love people, and love rejected, not hesitate to make use of the means of Piandao Shou. Love fatigue occurs when the freshness disappears even produce hate. Some people love is true love, all sorts of love, but secretly swindling, accumulated wealth to sustain love and end is. Some people both elope for love, living in a haze without affection, even if love then great, but ignore kinship will cause a lifetime of damage. And for love, both sentimentalism, stifle their precious lives worth ah.

Plain love, placid.In terms of the people they live at home has always been black and white, poor Youyanjiangcu refreshments festooning warm love. Love in the trivial life take root, sprout a result, nothing exciting both true. In many places, especially in many Jiangsu Rugao, centenarians, but also very healthy. Be interviewed by reporters the Rugao several centenarians, asked its longevity, less meat and more factors on the one hand, it is important to have in common is the attachment of love and closeness. Although the elderly are not like the poetry beautiful literary love as depicted how perfect, but know insipid pursuit of perfect love weights.

Indifferent love, Strange Bedfellows.No matter what the reason for the rift between husband and wife, and the two sides do not take the initiative to repair, and the passage of time will cause indifference condition. Even without divorce reluctantly live together, to love to cast a shadow. Living under one roof, bow not look up and see, even if the sexual life, but do not have a common language, hurt each other’s hearts alive awkward, looked upset somebody else gets. One report said, both sides often bickering household chores, defeated man. This man’s emotional menfolk, even sleeping in the trees for three years, is not saying a word with his wife, sulk. Something really obvious to go on to speak with a note. Even more interesting is that they actually gave birth to four baby. You said this indifferent love wounding, who first opening but also how to apologize, do less pounds of meat is not a. Funny, sad, pathetic.

Although love is selfish,Michael Kors Outlet Online, but to love one another, close to marriage business and create the future together, in mutual trust, understanding, tolerance, affordable atmosphere, through thick and thin with the joys come a long happy life on the road, this is pure love reflected. Pure love, stick to the love and care is love. People often use “gold price of love is priceless” to describe holy and noble love. Wedding on the execution ground interpretation of love is priceless and noble. February 6,Michael Kors Store Online, 1928, in the execution ground on the banks of the safflower Kong, Guangzhou, communists Zhou Wenzhong Yonghe Chen Tiejun the face of the enemy muzzle leisurely wedding heroic martyrdom. This is a great love, pure love, eternal love, inspired generation after generation of people, not rich.

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