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Leafy summer the old mulberry tree, every year to feed many silkworms grandfather always to help me with a wooden stick tied steel hooks picking mulberry leaves, I have repeatedly breaking under mulberry leaves curiously looked at the white milk sap, sometimes out of curiosity, a hand there, the result can be imagined,Michael Kors Outlet, that the white sap are often stick to my hand, or grandfather told my hands in the dirt, wipe the touch of no longer sticky, these bits and pieces of life, and now want to come are very memorable, and when I did not think of more.

I am a soldier enlisted unfortunately used to help my grandfather picking mulberry sericulture baby sick and died, said his greatest wish is to wear a silk woven T-shirts, whenever someone and I filed this detail, my heart will feel some pathos, perhaps grandfather did not like the idea of ​​just the the family imagination and will be attached to it, but I see this as a major event in a year, I travel to Hangzhou, really West side of a silk shop, bought a white silk undershirt, get old mulberry torches burned huddled, looking silk undershirt, last ashes, I pray silently, the old Grandpa, are you in the kingdom of heaven is planting mulberry it? Your great-grandson to buy your silk undershirt to wear comfortable? May you spend your happy time in the old mulberry accompanied.

To the end of the summer, began to grow old mulberry foliage green mulberry looked mulberries from small to large, sparse, is simply a beautiful picture, every day I looked on helplessly mulberry hope that it will one day earlier long I imagine it as the delicious fruit of the Holy hope it brings a special feeling of my childhood. Sometimes it is, could not occasionally pick on a few grains of red seeped white mulberry, a taste in your mouth, it feels actually sour, sweet, and even eat out some of the bitter taste,Michael Kors Hamilton. To be honest, it looked like a shy nipple mulberry, you may feel it is very delicious. But in my small life extremely difficult, impossible to eat today, such as fruit, that the mulberry as if God gave me the most delicious sacred fruit, even if it is really delicious, but heart of mulberry fruit full of curiosity,Michael Kors Outlet Store Online, do this in my young heart Jisi hope it early long cooked idea,Michael Kors Outlet USA, and now want to come when I was actually kind of naive.

For this reason, I grew up on the old mulberry harbor a mixture of awe, feelings, I not only did not destroy it, but also to act as its patron saint, whenever naughty children on tree broken branches, or pierced it with a knife bark,Michael Kors Outlet Online, I put the grandfather said if repeated, generally children believe what I say, will not do bad stupid.In this way, in the shade under the protection of the old mulberry, I had a happy childhood, since junior high school, I went away to study each before leaving home, I have to stay for a while in the old mulberry,Michael Kors Grayson, each school back to the village, I always intentionally or unintentionally, the old mulberry tree as an identification mark, because you can see all the way from the big place lush, tall, old mulberry.

Story about the old mulberry grandfather to tell me, he said, before the liberation, he gave the village landlord carry long-term employment, equivalent to the current wage throughout the year, not tired,Michael Kors Satchels, not necessarily be able to get ready wages , the landlord has a mulberry grove, the ages mulberry, old, small, landowners man treacherous, every time grandfather in his work was done, he was always ready wages on the grounds that the mulberry gave grandfather arrived in wages, the beginning of the landlord returned to the big mulberry, sell enchant can get some money for the whole family to eat and drink with, and later the landlord light to grandfather mulberry tree is too small, not sell on price, the old Grandpa light angry to no avail, because the landlord retainers nursing homes, he did not have a little way, a long time, might purchase large amounts of mulberry saplings, the grandfather put it temporarily planted in a small courtyard, over time, individual survive in small mulberry slowly grown into a large mulberry tree, then slowly grew up and became old mulberry can grandfather from a young boy into a stooped elderly. Whenever grandfather talking about these past his face always with a faint smile, eyes always light glowing Angela, I can see he likes tree old mulberry, he has to look at the old mulberry became his best friend.

I remember one year the summer, my school back home, grandfather had been in more than eighty years old, and the waist is a little bent, but he is not deaf ears, the eyes do not spend a wicker chair, his favorite place is in the old mulberry decentralization , next to recapture a small stool, on top of the bubble with a pot of tea, he lazily lying on the wicker chair, half-closed eyes meditatively. I particularly like child walking road humming a song, are often not yet come grandfather front, my voice already spread to his particularly deft ear’s eyes, and so I really went in front of him shouting his old Grandpa is good, he fell pretended to sleep together, I of course do not worry main, a grass roots from the ground, pinch back the grass, the single remaining grass stems, and then gingerly hand gingerly walked grandfather behind light light grass stems to poke his Erduoyan, in fact, he did not fall asleep, intentionally, and I amused wait until the grass stems approaching my hands to his ears, he coughed and scared me a scaling back, and hastened grass stems throw away to say grandfather good, he patted me on the head and said: “school friends, small odd road tired you?”, I said: “Not tired, not tired, I wanted to come back early. listening to your stories! ”

A centuries old mulberry tree in front of the hometown of the old house, playing as I can remember, the tree old mulberry tree has been long in front of the house, every summer, the old mulberry lush foliage looked like the emperor head propped canopy, grandfather had As I said, our house door to the old mulberry trees sacred tree, have grown more than a hundred years, long ago into a fine, can not just cut it you can not fold it sticks, but it bore fruit of mulberry can be delicious, but also to cure it.

Child, my elementary school where every year to arrange the work-study tasks, my favorite task is sericulture, do not have to worry because the family has an old mulberry tree, mulberry, so every school organization sericulture appraisal, I raise Silkworms can always commentary on the first place, not only in exchange for a big red Commendation,Michael Kors Factory Outlet, can understand what some stationery from the school, the individual, but also in exchange for a little money, the money, and I never not squandering, and always went to school near the Outlet Store, a grandfather to buy some tobacco, and I know that his only hobby is like a man sitting to eat under the old mulberry bags smoke. The reason why I was able to keep a good silkworms grandfather has been my instructor and chief journeyman left to his guidance and help, I can not keep out so good silkworms.

I look forward to the old mulberry mulberry gradually from green to red, from red to purple, really, to eat the best period of this time, is the mulberry. Often, to this time of year,Michael Kors USA, returning from school, and small partners carefully climbed the old mulberry stout trunk, jumping forward to picking our fruit, this time, the grandfather are generally stood nervously old mulberry his rough Satisfy holding our ass, for fear that which we do not accidentally fall from the old mulberry tree. Attracted by the sound of our hilarious kids only his head and look forward to the parts under the tree, they both envy our brave also envy our grandfather protection, so sometimes they will be under the tree pointing the occasionally falls from a tree and a mulberry will be clamoring to eat it, sometimes, I look down on the branches, they really like competing nipple sucking child, for fear of their own left behind, those the purple yo mulberry sometimes really is like a mother breast-feeding the child nipples, so people are friendly, and people stood in awe. Sometimes, which diligent children picking mulberries more seriously into piles with a small hand, then the other child was screaming nutation scissors cloth part of his mulberry, the sort of thing that would happen, still imprinted in my mind, the total will not forget, it can be said, old mulberry tree not only carrying little growth in my childhood, but also embodies the innocence and flawless children fun, all these, grandfather, all my important witness.

Later, the school no longer carry out the work-study activities, from primary to secondary school, gradually far away from home, I seem to have forgotten the story under the old mulberry tree and the old mulberry, and occasionally go back home, found that people are no longer then the loyalty of mulberry and obsession only occasionally was still chatting in reference to the story of the old mulberry and mulberry, it makes me again to remember the past people holding Pushan in the old mulberry tree under the cool shade of the vicissitudes years, lamented that era had experienced the suffering and hardships,Michael Kors Outlet.Still later, I am a soldier away from home, this leave is twenty years, when I was back in the old house to look at the tree and old mulberry, turned out a little different kind of sad. The old old mulberry tree still exists, but the body was significantly year after year, originally a stout tree who has a big tree holes, as if to tell me it has been ill. Said the old man listening to the village, a few years ago, the old mulberry lush nobody tends to it, since your grandfather died, and its foliage becomes no longer lush, and has been for many years no longer grow again nice and tasty mulberry, is old mulberry tree really old.

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