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Snow, snow again. Snowflake covered with a snowflake, another step coverage footprints, piled into day after day, year after year piled into. In the winter snows, ushered in the New Year one.The Xixishushu firecrackers rang. Small annual spring cleaning. Households to their house yard year moving too did not move to move out, clean furniture, clear bedding, clothes, beat the dust in the sun, to absorb the warmth of the sun. Moist air to wash the dust, of course, is stroked year labor fatigue. Unpleasant Kula and haze swept away, bright and clean, smile snow bloom off.The next few days of the New Year approaching, the footprints of the village and out of the streets and busy village a lot of fun, too. The butcher zaiyang preparation stocking the kids somehow the old lanterns in advance. The snow of the village, becoming soft and warm, no longer is the beginning of the cold smoked red sky in the snow to the village became a festive New Year’s blind date, at the junction in front of the window facing the home,Michael Kors Outlet Online.

Out of the village and into the fields. Life and land dependent Sishou fathers snow also not forget to look at the land under the snow,Michael Kors Outlet USA. Hands clawed through the snow, black and green barley grass drink. Could not help but bent down, grabbed a handful of snow, stuffed into the mouth, the taste, could not help but laugh, drunk, eyes fluttering waves of grain under the sun. Generally intoxicated drunk fast on wheat seedling Then, with the drink, drinking from the same.

The junctions of the village, two old willow. This only flashed in my mind, no trace. Hillwood fruit trees, razed to the ground after the mountain, several towering days chimney looming shadow guarding, head balls huge haze. Hideous the haze obscured black demons general, fear to helplessness and numbness. Villages, land and people, not escape the haze, the Right now dominate the sky is the haze, not something else,Michael Kors Outlet.Fortunately, I made an appointment to the snow, the appointment of a snow to return home New Year. The snow came down in the night of New Year’s Eve villages. In the waves of firecrackers, floating down the full House of snowflakes and red firecrackers scraps of paper, when the mountain apricot and peach blossoms to open in the heart of the village.

Snow village, hazy milky mountains tranquil Qinghei, trees Jingyi. Occasional flocks of sparrows flutter Lala firewood chopping, fly through the treetops and flew to the roof. Iron bird chasing occasionally gallop from the field snow hare. Chickens and ducks out of a piece of spring willow, dog spill out all the way to Plum. The near Iiguchi roof chimney smoke curl harmony Enron,Michael Kors USA.

Snow walking home. Cui Xiang riding in the snow, at the foot of squeak. Come out from the yard of the home,Michael Kors Factory Outlet, walking in the snow-covered soil Street, there is every alley, there are always traces of footprints and cleaning the front. Branches of trees covered with snow hanging walked, mischievous people will have their feet to the sudden force kick to move the trunk, snow falls on your head, the neck sub, cool smile and laugh, snow is more lively and make you happy. Full look at the house more and more food Xue son snow, snow makes Xue sub bulging, solid heart at ease. The backyard vegetable cellar, sweet potato cellar, are a twenty feet square, like a fortress, which is cabbage, radishes, sweet potatoes, as well as mountains of fruit trees of sweet fruit, you sucking the fragrance of the snow,Michael Kors Outlet.

Faintly smell the scent of a hometown New Year stews,http://www.michaelkorsoutletonline.net.co/, gunpowder smell faintly Pau Chung. Burst of noisy sound, my memories back to reality. The front of the car stopped, and no end in sight. They were saying, there are few cars rear-end accident occurred, there is a business the van turn to the roadside ditch. The spirit is extremely tense. Coming home territory. The air is cold at this time seems to have some particles in Gone with the Wind snowy like rain, not snow white, transparent and clear than the rain, wrapped in a mixture of the ash mineral soil and dust. See, touch them, smell but not haze, the distance and the road looking for less than a coordinates can identify the direction.

Only waiting, waiting for the traffic accident cleared. Open the phone, see “News 1 +1″, the upgrade of the haze lead to the country’s more than 140 million square kilometers have been shrouded in haze, more than 800 million people affected. Me where the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, within one month, four serious fog and haze occurred one after another, only five days no haze. The Zhongnanshan, air pollution is more frightening than SARS. More become a heavy heart, fear to even dare breathe the air. Car, body, hair, eyebrows, stranded with muddy sticky wet haze.

Snow after the sun is bright, soft and kind,Michael Kors Store Online. The kids piled snowman. The snowman’s body was bristling with the harvest seasons. Sorghum stalks of corn stalks as the arms, eyes are golden corn kernels, carrots, of course, is the nose, ears simply make the best of hands eating dry red potato chips, forget the glue on the mouth beard potherb the radish Clara, winds, sun basked radish Clara soft honking, paste in the mouth. Big people look at the crowd of laughing children proud and content. If someone deliberately ugly, had an idea at the mouth of the snowman bathed in the sand, and tell that person you always eat so even gills beard drink gruel ink ink trace.

5 hours, finally to Jingdong region. Nearing home, the spirit of how many had some easy. National highway vehicles more slowly. Along the way, not immune to the haze, all topics are related to the haze. A few days ago, the news network reported that the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei areas of the country the most serious haze, mainly the steel coking heavy industry from air pollution. Could not help but think of my hometown steel-based industrial situation in recent years has been the rapid development of regional economy,Michael Kors Outlet Store Online. However, over-exploitation of the iron ore caused deterioration of the loss of land, steel mills, coking plant caused by the deterioration of air quality is visible.Some vague memory, can not remember since when, the trees in the village gradually less. Lost the original value of farming land, erected a seat iron ore steel mills. The mountain fruit trees together with the mountain have been turned down, and then dug a bottomless pit. Land to grow crops, and covered with iron fly ash. Winter village rare two thin snow can be regarded as the village has not insulated and snow. Possible between heaven and earth, clean snow, fear transverse days of smoke, and do not want to tarnish the original face came to the village,Michael Kors Satchels.

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